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Should You Replace or Choose Window Glass Repair?

While many think that they’re going to get significant energy savings from window replacement, the cost putting all new windows in a home could prohibit a lot of people from taking this route.  Don’t despair if you’re in this mix because it’s not always the best idea to replace a damaged window.  If you’re looking for window glass repair in Aurora, this short guide may help ease your mind about your choices.

Drafty Windows

When you have air rushing in through gaps in your window frames, dividers, or sashes, your windows aren’t serving their intended purposes.  The bad news is that your caulk and weather stripping has likely failed.  The good news is that this can be repaired for less than $20 in materials.  If the issue is a loose sash or rotted wood, the cost may be a bit higher, but still cheaper than window replacement.

Rotting Wood

Wood in window frames and sills can deteriorate when it isn’t primed and painted correctly or when it is exposed to wet and humid conditions over an extended period of time.  The choice to repair or replace depends on the extent of the damage.  Some areas can be patched with epoxy while other windows may need a complete frame rebuild.

Broken Panes

Caused by scratches, cracks, or the errant baseball, broken window panes happen.  Window glass in Aurora experts agree that this is a simple fix and full window replacement often isn’t necessary.  A new pane of glass can be installed in most windows at an affordable price.

Broken Seals

When windows start to fog up or show streaks, this means that their seals have failed.  Once this happens, the window panes generally need to be replaced but the frame does not.  This window repair will preserve your frame, that likely matches the rest of your home, and fix the issue.

In the end, the choice to repair or replace a window is a combination of personal preference and cost-effectiveness.  Unless you are looking to undertake a major home renovation, damage to a single window is usually best handled with repair.

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