Window Glass Repair Denver

Are there windows in your house with cracks? Do you notice moisture on your windowsill? It’s time for window glass repair in Denver. Damaged windows make your home look run-down, let in moisture and raise your energy bills.

How to Spot Window Damage

It’s easy to spot damage if you have a crack or hole in a window. The cause can be a rock thrown by a car or a child, high wind or just a heavy object bumping against the pane. Replace it right away to keep your home safe from the elements and secure from intruders.

But there are less obvious signs that a window is damaged. Here are three indicators to look for.

  • Fog trapped between panes of glass. If you have double-paned windows, fog is a sure sign that the seal is damaged. A repairperson can tell you if the seal can be fixed or if it a problem with the frames warping.
  • Windowsill moisture. Moisture around the inside of the window can actually damage walls and the sill. The frame might need extra caulking, a new seal or replacing.
  • Trouble opening or closing a window. This usually indicates a problem with the frame. A repairperson can fix the problem if the window is sticking. If the frame is deteriorating, it will need replacing.

Finding Window Glass Repair Denver

Here is an overview of the three types of window repair available.

Emergency service. If a rock makes a big hole in your window or a windstorm causes a major crack, it is worth calling for emergency repairs. A damaged window makes your home insecure. It also lets in the elements, allowing damage to your furnishings.

Frame and seal repairs. Broken seals and frames that are degrading make it hard to open and close your windows. The result is often higher energy bills because heated or cooled air escapes. Professional repair now will prevent more expensive problems in the future.

Double pane repair. Fog between panes interferes with your view and takes away from the appearance of your home. It means you aren’t getting the full insulating properties that should result from double-pane windows. A repairperson can fix the panes or arrange to replace them.

Repair or Replacement?

Trained glass technicians can repair many types of window damage. They have the skill to return most glass to its original condition.

In the case of a crack or hole, they will replace the glass. If the frame or the seal is too deteriorated, they might suggest new frames or even replacement windows.

Upgrading your windows offer a range of advantages, including:

  • Lower energy bills
  • Better energy efficiency
  • Less noise from the outside
  • Better security
  • Reduced damage from the sun’s UV rays

Window Glass Repair Denver